The God-Sized Vision of ACU

The vision of Africa Christian University has been on the table for over twenty years. It is a vision to create a Christian mega-university operated on the highest possible standards—spiritually, morally, socially, academically, administratively and financially. ACU is emerging as the “Oxford University of Africa.” As such, it is designed to operate on the Oxford University model, as developed in England. This involves a university “umbrella” surrounded by multiple autonomous or semi-autonomous colleges (College of Agriculture, College of Medicine, College of Education, College of Internet Technology, College of Business, etc.). Eventually ACU will encompass two dozen or more faculties, with a total of 100,000+ resident students, not to speak of multiple times that many engaged off campus, as online scholars.

The ACU Story: The vision for an unprecedented Christian mega-university was first conceived in 1999, and announced in 2000. The Christian Development Foundation (CDF) was subsequently established with the primary purpose of pursuing this enormous vision. The CDF motto is “God’s work, God’s way, in God’s time.” CDF has been incorporated both in Nigeria and the USA. The original visioners, Dr. James Rose and Professor Gary S. Maxey, are joined by the CDF Nigeria chairman, Elder Felix Ohiwerei, to carry out this dynamic vision.

In 2016 God showed Himself strong with the gifting of 10,000 hectares of land in Imala, Ogun State, where major development is now underway.